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Merki Treuhand AG - EN
Martin-Disteli-Strasse 9
4600 Olten, CH
Tel. +41 62 207 30 40
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Financial accounting

Financial accounting – let our professionals handle it for you and free up your time.

We are your first choice when it comes to correct accounting. We provide you with expert, efficient support regardless of whether you manage a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company or a company limited by shares.

You determine how much of the work you want to do yourself. Then, we do the rest for you.

Double engagements – business services and auditing from one provider

Companies that are subject to limited audits are allowed to have their accounting and auditing performed by the same service provider.

Your contact person

What we offer

  • Organization or reorganization of your accounting system (financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, etc.)
  • Preparation of annual financial statements with expert tax or legal advice
  • Value-added tax returns
  • Short-term income statements
  • Budgeting
  • Liquidity and financial planning
  • Profitability calculations
  • Performance of financial, accounts receivable and accounts payable accounting with ABACUS, AbaWeb and the most common software programs
  • Payments and dunning

International consultancy services

As a member of TAGAlliances, we can also help with your international business needs.

Publications on the topic

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