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Merki Treuhand AG - EN
Martin-Disteli-Strasse 9
4600 Olten, CH
Tel. +41 62 207 30 40
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Corporate taxes

Your corporate decisions and actions almost always take tax issues into account..

That is why it is important to find optimum tax solutions for your corporate success. However, it is difficult to have a clear view of the many legislative changes, regulations, tax assessment policies and court decisions.

Our tax experts have knowledge that is up-to-date and in-depth, an understanding of tax issues, and creativity to help you avoid pitfalls. At the same time, our main concern is legal compliance and long-term tax minimization.

What we offer

  • Advice for financial statements taking tax considerations into account
  • Tax returns
  • Verification of tax assessments and invoices
  • Representation to the tax authorities for appeal processes
  • Tax planning
  • Tax advice for restructuring, mergers, spin-offs, reorganizations, company formation, changes of legal form, purchases/sales, and liquidations
  • Tax assistance with relocation projects inside and outside of Switzerland

Consultancy services and planning for international tax law

As a member of TAGAlliances, we can also help with your international business needs.

Publications on the topic

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