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Merki Treuhand AG - EN
Martin-Disteli-Strasse 9
4600 Olten, CH
Tel. +41 62 207 30 40

Cornelia Bürgisser

Buergisser Cornelia Hobby

Specialist in finance and accounting with a federal diploma of higher education

I joined Sudan Partner AG (Solidis today) in October 2009 as an audit assistant and completed my part-time continuing education to become a specialist in finance and accounting in the spring of 2012. From November 2015 until October 2017, I broadened my knowledge as a business services team leader at another business services company and have now been employed as a team leader at Solidis since November 2017. I completed my further education as a payroll specialist to deepen my knowledge of wage processing. In September 2021, I started my further education as a certified business services expert.

In my leisure time, I like to jog, do Pilates exercises, or spend time with my family and friends. When things are a bit quieter, I like to devote time to reading books.